Our Story

Founded in 2014 with a simple concept: create exceptionally made sustainable apparel that feels great. With time-tested, beautiful designs, we set out with a mission to be the best part of our customers day. Since our grand opening, we've served thousands of smiling customers worldwide. We fall in love with the places that colors and textures take us, and we invite our customers along. There we find inspiration in the world and our responsibility to it. On this journey, we have discovered that the smallest moments are the biggest and that no matter how far we travel, we can always create the feeling of being at home. Simple. Elegant. Pure. It is both modern and classic without sacrificing comfort.

We're a small business that sources and partners with the best manufacturers in the world to create unique, fashion-forward designs made from Earth-friendly sustainable materials such as bamboo, beechwood, and eucalyptus. We create timeless essentials that feel familiar because we believe there is an art to simplicity, where beauty and sophistication balance, with minimal effort. In a world consumed with more, we understand the time has come for less.